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Globalisation – the debate of the past 10 years

Globalisation has become one of the most talked about debates of the past 10 years and as been the subject of numerous books and videos and the cause of many major global demonstrations in most of the major cities of Europe and North America.

Some of the critics of globalization have stated that the process of globalisation has exploited hundreds of thousands of people in developing countries all around the world. It has caused great disruption to lives and produced very few noticeable benefits in return.

The supporters of globalisation point to the huge reductions in the numbers of poverty achieved by some countries which have embraced globalisation with the leading world economies such as India, China, Vietnam, and Uganda. One amazing thing about globalisation is that there does not appear to be a definition that could be called widely used and agreed by most people.

The depth of meanings associated with the term seems to be getting bigger rather than narrowing over the years, taking into account, political, cultural and other intonations in addition to the economic ones. However, in the past few years a rapidly rising share of activity economically in the world does seem to be happening between population that live in different countries instead of just one, you might call it a global nation. This development in cross-border activities can take shape in various forms.

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